Monday, September 5, 2011

Kentucky Lake, New Concorde KY

Each and every time we go out on the boat, I bring the camera with hopes of capturing perfect shots of both Ken and his dad out skiing. I think these two are the closest I have gotten so far.
Aric absolutely loved going out on the disc with his Daddy! Every time we got him back in the boat, he wanted to go right back out!
Last summer was the beginning of all water events including the disc. It started with a chair that became so water logged, nobody could hang on to it long enough to get on the disc, and this year they have moved onto a step ladder on top of the disc...there is no saying what will be out there next summer!
Yes, this is Kyle. Yes, he just did a flip off the ladder on the disc.
Somehow we were even able to convince Daniel to test out the Disc!
The last day in Kentucky, we had a broken boat, and no replacement parts within a 4 hour drive, so we decided to head to the local water park. Aric had an absolute blast!